One of the key reasons for investing in promotional products is to have your name in front of clients and prospective clients. How and where to place your logo can be somewhat confusing with all the different embellishment methods available. We have provided some background as to the “nuts & bolts” of several options for branding merchandise:

HD Decor

Personalize your product with high-definition imaging. Through the use of an unlimited variety of colours and precise halftones, HD Decor will bring your products to life. Captivate your audience with true high-definition replication, and resolutions of up to 300 dpi.

Hot Stamping

Hot stamping is similar to debossing but with an added feature. Hot stamping uses coloured foil with your logo to provide more visibility. Coloured foil is available in Gold, Silver or White. This type of decorating is ideal on portfolios.

Pad Printing

Unlike silk screening, Pad Printing can be used on products with a variety of surfaces (e.g. curved, recessed, etc.) and textures. Typical products include sunglass clips and carabiners.

Silk screening

Silk screening is a process by which ink is passed through a porous material, creating a sharp image on your product. ESP offers 1/2 tone capabilities. Silk screening is used on products with smooth and flat surfaces. Typical products include drinkware, bags and sunshades


Give your product a sophisticated and polished look with the laser engraving method. Typical products include knifes and pens.


With oxidization, a chemical is applied to the metal after engraving so that the engraved area is darkened.


An epoxy dome is added to the product once it is printed giving it a finished look.

Black Fill

A chemical is sprayed onto the product before engraving causing the logo to engrave black. This process is used on stainless steel products only.


A chemical is used to etch out your logo. Available on the back casing of any of our Euro Design Watches, or on a plain chrome dial.

Heat Transfer

Your logo is computer-generated and printed in full colour on special paper which is applied to the product using heat and pressure.


Your logo is digitized and then stitched directly on the product using needlework with up to 12 colours of thread.

Precise DigiPrint

A 4-colour process applique is applied to material based products providing exact colour replication and precise detail reproduction. Only high quality branded Precise DigiPrint material is used, providing 100 percent pantone match, industry best quality logo reproduction and superior durability.


This process is used on our portfolios and drinkware sleeves to give the product an elegant look.


This is an add-on option for some products as specified in the catalogue.